What We Do

We at Climate|Money|Policy are among the world's leading experts on the role Climate Change plays in business and business models.  Our mission is to prepare the marketplace for disruption and the adjustments it brings.  We do that by educating audiences with our media and keynotes, helping clients stress test their companies for climate liabilities and by consulting and managing projects that lessens corporate climate risk and create sustainability and resilience. 


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Businesses that integrate "climate-smart" thinking into their operations flourish on a broad number of fronts.  They get clear on where risks exist and where vulnerabilities can hurt the firm, then innovate solutions to problems their competition isn't even looking at.  Click the image for more on this.

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Associations, Unions, Trade Groups, Trusted Advisers. Whatever audience you serve, bring us in for your next conference or event.   Our experts communicate in the language of business not environmentalism.  We can lay out how climate will impact your members and what you can do about it.

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Strategy - Analysis - Consulting

Once you've learned the risks that climate change presents to your firm what comes next?  Let us help you craft a strategy and set of milestones that meshes with your culture and delivers value while addressing the concerns of active shareholders and creating buy-in among veteran staff.

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What size companies need Climate, Carbon and Sustainability Planning?  They're smaller than you'd think.  Listen to this brief interview with our founder: