Site author by Brian Reynolds, a 15 year veteran in the fields of energy, sustainability & corporate climate resilience.

Brian Reynolds

My name is Brian.  I created Climate|Money|Policy because I've seen too many executives who didn't know what to do about global warming, didn't know how it would effect them or were just turned off by talk that seems to have nothing to do with their business.

Climate change is a serious problem but the more you learn about it the more you realize that the practices that prepare you for an unsteady climate are also good for the bottom line.  I hope that you find this blog informative and actionable.  If you need additional expertise beyond what's archived here I and my team would be happy to answer an email or take a call.  Click though to the contact page.


Brian Reynolds is a strategy consultant and lobbyist who specializes in helping companies prepare for a climatically different world than the one they live in today.