Broadfork- (brôd' fôrk)   1. n. a tool used to manually break up densely packed soil to improve aeration and drainage while keeping soil layers intact rather than mixing them up; i.e. preserving soil structure.   2. n. an association of businesses and business leaders concerned with climate risk and working to break up political problems that are impeding the growth of climate solutions.


They support our way of life.  We use them to invest savings... set fair prices... fund our new ideas.  Markets give us strength, but there are other things that markets don't provide.

Defense.          Clean air.          Roads.          Courts.

These are the Public Good and we count on them to function so that markets can flourish and move humanity forward.  The largest threat to the public good today is climate change.  We know the high cost of adapting, mitigating, and disaster recovery.  The financial world has shown us that shortly these will drag on the global economy more than the great recession.  And that those costs will repeat year after year.

We in the business go to Washington to advise our leaders on what the market needs.  On this issue our trade groups and lobbyists have failed or worse, argued the wrong side and harmed the marketplace.

Some ofus have noticed.  Some among us know that the financial risks of climate change are too great and that the market must speak.  Until now there’s been nowhere for those businesses to gather.  No body unifying our effort to manage this risk in the field of politics.

That changes now.

This is The Broadfork.  It’s a political action campaign supported by the business community and its leaders.  Weeducate policy makers on the economic threat of climate change;  support legislators who propose smart solutions to that liability; and endorse the primary campaigns of more serious party members when their leaders fail or refuse to understand the threat.

The climate policy problem doesn’t need more Democrats or Republicans.  It needs people who take the future seriously.  If your trade group doesn't understand that please contact us.  You belong here.

This is The Broadfork, and we're speaking up for the market.


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